Wielander & Schill Premium Shielded Arc Welding Device – VAS 821 003

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ASE 821 003 80 000 – 3x400V / ASE 821 003 80 023 – 3x200V

The new premium shielded arc welding device VAS 821 003 is the best solution for car body repair shops:

• it enable to carry out expert-quality repairs on today’s vehicle bodies
• it can be used to perform steel and aluminum welding, as well as MIG soldering according to Volkswagen standards
• the premium welding device feature tack-welding and intermittent fillet welding modes; 2- and 4-cycle operations can be chosen
• their wire feeds are equipped with four-roll drives to ensure evenly consistent wire feeding
• it is a safe investment for workshop operators – whenever new materials emerge that require welding the necessary parameters for doing so can easily be added to the units via firmware updates.
• it is convenient to use and time-saving – their handling and operation are simple and intuitive
• changing their gas cylinders, coils and hose assemblies can be carried out quickly and easily.
• selected parameters, such as current and voltage, can be documented

Welding programs for:
• Aluminium welding
• Stee l/ stainless steel
• Pulse and double pulse welding (2-cycle & 4-cycle)
• cored wire and electrode welding
• special welding parameters for thin steel (ACT mode)


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