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NCS Equipment supplies a complete range of solutions to the Automotive Repair Industry. Having acquired several Equipment Supply companies NCS Welding has solutions to equip the entire needs of your Body Shop. Your NCS Solution Specialist can assist in developing a strategic vision and providing any required guidance when it comes to developing an efficient and productive shop. Whether you are a business that caters for Non-Drive repairs or a Rapid Shop an NCS Solution Specialist can guide you to transform your business.

Through our global partners we are connected with all the major OEMS. If your business is looking at targeting a specific OEM we can assist.

What is new and innovative at NCS Equipment?

  • A new European Spray Booth Solution utilising the latest technologies with rapid baking capabilities and remote monitoring
  • State of the art Infrared Technology
  • OEM Specific Tooling (Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes Benz, JLR, VW, Porsche, BMW, GM, Ford, Volvo, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai and more…)
  • The latest Speed Bench Solutions
  • The ultimate 4WD and Non-Drive Chassis Straightening Repair Technology
  • The latest fully Automatic Spot Welders
  • The latest Aluminium Repair Solutions
  • The best Riveting Solutions in the industry
  • The latest Electronic Measuring Systems


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