Polin Air Zone Preparation Area

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Polin Air Zone Preparation Area

Custom Mounting Solutions

  • Floor mounted air extraction units OR
  • Roof mounted air extraction units
  • Galvanized Construction Unit, complete with Ceiling Filters and Hinged Galvanized Filter Frames for quick Maintenance.

Floor Grating

  • Flooring C.S.G.A. Grate Loading Capacity 800 kg. per Wheel Print ( 250 mm x 250 mm); complete with sturdy supporting tubular grating structure, wire mesh filter baskets under the grates and “PAINT STOP” filters. PAINT STOP filters – features: Fibreglass mattress, 50 mm thick, self -extinguishing, F1 class according DIN 53438 part 3,   overspray accumulation 240 gr/sq.m., average gravimetric efficiency 85%, EU3 filtration class.


  • Dry Filtration Air Extraction Units Galvanized Sheet Unit, Preassembled. 3 Phases High Efficiency and Energy Saving IE2 Motor, Reverse Blade Turbine Directly coupled to Motor Shaft, Dry Filtration Exhaust Filters, Motorized Damper for Air Exhaust or Recycling and Connection Duct to the Air refill Plenums.


  • Multi-pocket type Synthetic fibre filter, in Self-Extinguishing F1 class, according DIN 53438 part 3, final accumulation 250gr., gravimetric efficiency 88% according AFI norms.


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