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POWER PLASMA 3035/M is an easy to handle, easy to use power source with minimal system requirements, able to ensure excellent quality cutting on all metals, including the new high-strength steels.

POWER PLASMA 3035/M weights just 13 kg including the torch, and requires single-phase power supply; it works with compressed air or nitrogen (for high-quality cutting), provided at a pressure of 3.5 bar, with an air flow of just 60 l/min (and may thus be powered by a 25-l compressor).
The recommended thickness, for the best cutting quality and productivity, is 8 mm; the maximum thickness is 12 mm and the severance thickness is 15 mm.

Automatic voltage change (115/230 V +15% / -20%).

  • Pilot arc operating mode, which makes it possible to work even on painted or coated metals.
  • Pilot self-restart, selectable from the panel, to interrupt and automatically reset the arc when cutting screens and grids, increasing operator productivity.
  • Nozzle holder protection, as required by standards IEC 60974-7, which eliminates the risk to the operator of direct accidental contact with the gas nozzle.
  • High voltage arc striking with high frequency, to ensure reliable lighting of the pilot arc and reduced disturbances.
  • High electromagnetic compatibility, per IEC 60974-10, allowing the power source to be used in the vicinity of electronic equipment (such as computers, PLC, etc.).
  • Explosion-proof protection of the air reducer unit.


In the version for automation, which also requires the pantograph interface kit (Art. 196), the power source is equipped with a Cebora CP40 DAR straight torch of 6 or 12 m.

The compliance with EN 61000-3-12 brings substantial energy saving and a wide supply voltage tolerance (+15% / -20%).

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