Glue and Rivet as Common as Welding?

All new technology requires the operator of the equipment to be fully trained. To glue and rivet is not difficult but the repairer must understand the complete process and therefore training is the key.

The glues and rivets being used vary between manufacturers and it is important for the repairer to understand these differences.

Alongside self-piercing rivets and blind rivets, another option for joining several layers of thin material together is flow form rivets or solid self-piercing rivets. However, some smash repair shops are understandably reluctant to invest in a rivet gun necessary to undertake these tasks, arguing that they don’t get enough work to justify the initial outlay. But it is an investment that will be needed sooner or later with the changes in repair processes.

To glue and rivet is a vital repair method and is progressively growing. One day it will be as important to the industry as welding is today.

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